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Reading the Quran is one of the greatest worships through which the servant draws closer to his Lord. Allah has commanded us to pray, give zakat, fast, worship, and draw closer to Him by reading the Quran and contemplating its meanings and rulings. Reading the Quran is a great thing that nourishes the soul, refines it and makes us feel calm and serene. However, due to our busy lives, lack of time, and the many distractions we face, we often neglect reading the Quran.

And for this reason, the website of Rasoulallah.net has developed the 'Nakhtam' app to revive the reading of the Quran among Muslims in their daily lives. The app enables us to regularly read and complete the Quran. When the user unlocks their phone, the app displays a verse from the Quran, and this continues until they reach the end of the surah. The app also provides a commentary on the verses of the Quran and helps users understand the meanings of words. Additionally, the app allows us to choose our preferred reciter.

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The Quran used is authenticated and verified by the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran.

The interpretation used is 'Tafsir Al-Muyassar'.


The app enables you to read a verse of the Quran every time you unlock your phone, so that you do not become among "those who abandon the Quran".


Using the app has a great reward. Since we all unlock our phones more than a hundred times a day, imagine how many verses of the Quran you can read in just one day ?.


At the beginning of each new day, the app will show you statistics on your daily, weekly, and monthly readings since you started using the app.

Application Features

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    You can choose the verse you want the app to start displaying when you unlock your phone.

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    The app shows you statistics on the verses you have read.

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    You can choose your favorite reciter from among many reciters available on the app.

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    The app shows you the previous and next verses for further reading.

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    The 'Later' feature allows you to postpone the reading of a verse if you want to quickly use your phone and not read at that time.

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    The app displays the name of the surah and the verse number.

You can download the app through one of the following links:

For Android devices For iPhone devices

They said about app !

  • Indeed, the app is excellent. May Allah reward everyone who contributed to it. This is an ongoing charity, and it is beautiful when you unlock your phone and see verses from the Quran. Thanks to this app, we can complete reading the Quran. I recommend everyone to download it. It is a trade that will never perish, and you will earn rewards by downloading it. We ask Allah to accept our good deeds and yours. May Allah reward you with goodness.

  • May Allah reward you with goodness. This is the best and most amazing app because it reminds us to read the Quran. However, sometimes the verses do not appear. Could you please explain to me in Arabic because I'm following the steps that you mentioned, but the app works for a while, then it stops displaying verses and I have to start again from the beginning?

  • An incredibly amazing app that allows me to read the Quran at all times. May Allah reward you with goodness! However, there are some words that are missing diacritical marks,such as (in Surah Ali Imran, verse 50, the word 'hurrimat' is missing the kasrah under the letter 'ra'. In the same Surah, verse 72, the word 'anzala' is also missing the kasrah. In verse 84 of the same Surah, the word 'anzil' is also missing the kasrah). If you have any information about this, please let me know.

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